"It is a joy to provide this testimonial for Vivienne Verdon-Roe.  I did not know her when she grew up in England, and at age 27 moved to the United States.  I didn’t know her when she was an activist for women and peace, producing 5 documentaries and winning an Academy Award for best Short Subject Documentary to stop nuclear war in 1987.  I didn’t know her when she developed Lyme’s disease and after failed medical intervention was bed ridden by 2005 and could not work.  In desperation she went to China to learn healing Qigong, she fully recovered, and turned a devastating illness into a gift.  I didn’t know Vivi when she cared for her husband when he had Parkinson’s disease and died.

But I know how all of that history helped shape the person my wife Meredi and I have come to know and love during the past year.  Her life journey and struggle fueled and forged the deep passions, courage, empathy, joy, profound intellect, authenticity, and unbounded love which she shares with everyone.  She has a unique talent for teaching and nurturing people on their own life paths, giving clarity and voice to known and unknown problems and solutions.  It is like she is one with them in life, knows the right things to say or do, is fully present with them, and always with a compassionate inner smile.  After working as a rural Family Practice physician for over 40 years, it has been rare for me to see anyone with the presence that Vivi has.  Therefore, it is with unqualified enthusiasm that I can pen this letter of endorsement for Vivi."  

-- Lon M Hatfield, MD, PhD


"I was in the midst of a month-long migraine that was the worst I've ever had.  I was beginning to worry.  I'd tried so many things to rid myself of the pain.  The bitter irony is that I'm a doctor who treats headaches. 

When I told Vivi, she led me through a beautiful Qigong session to clear this energy.  She returned me to a state of nearly complete pain-freedom.  I have felt so well since working with her, and I owe her my deepest love and gratitude." 

-- Wendy Kulin, MD, Neurologist


"Vivienne is a wonderful, insightful and supportive teacher who makes Qigong very accessible.  Her words and voice are so beautiful which helps me so much in visualizing the chi field.  An awesome teacher!" 

-- Rachel  Johnson, herbalist


"Vivi holds a beautiful, heartfelt space in which we connect with the chi field.  She empowers us to know our capacity to heal ourselves." 

-- Jill Moore, Breath work teacher


"Vivienne is a master teacher.  To be in her presence is to be bathed in soothing light.  Her radiant being is a beacon to all.  Her rich teaching traditions are made accessible to all.  She is an absolute gift." 

-- Michelle Tresler, Healer


"If I had to describe Vivienne, it would be a very big bulging heart on legs!"

-- Robin Bendel-Waite, therapist



Vivienne's Newsletter

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