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"I suffered from a particular strain of pneumonia that few people survive.  The doctors told me I need medication for the rest of my life, which would be short and restricted. 

It felt like a death sentence.  I was indeed weak and sick a lot and I lived life on the couch. 

Vivienne has taught me how to focus healing energy into the parts of my body and mind that I needed to heal.  My old belief systems have radically changed and I no longer depend on being fixed from the outside.  Vivienne showed me healing is an inside job! 

The flexibility in my air passages has improved by 50%.  An incredible difference.  I now have a very active life, lots of energy and I feel great.  I am so grateful to Vivienne and the qi field." 

-- Kitty Bouchard, International TV Producer


"New to Qigong, I began learning and practicing with Vivienne three months ago.  When I began, I had a very limited and painful range of movement in one arm from an old accident.  I had accepted this would likely never change.  I also had hit a massive wall in my inner life. 

Vivienne's teachings, arising from Qigong, create a beautiful, powerful opening within body and spirit, connecting us to Source and grounding us in Love. 

These hours spent anchoring with Vivienne in the healing power of the Qi field have not only melted and transformed my spiritual blockages, but also -- somewhat amazingly -- my arm's functionality has been almost completely restored. 

I am so blessed to be on this path of expanding presence, aliveness and health!"

-- Sylvia Timbers, Consultant


"I am in awe of Vivienne’s abilities and presence as a teacher and  leader in the WHQ community. 

I have been blessed to attend several retreats with her as a lead teacher.   Her warmth, compassion and spirituality shine through, right to the soul.  Her guidance reflects and embodies the profound depths of the WH teachings, yet is delivered with utmost clarity and focus.   She clearly “lives” her practice as an example to all who she invites into the loving, healing WHQ community.

Vivienne inspires!!!...including my recent decision to begin teacher training."   

-- Bill Bulick, Cultural Planner


"Through her practice and personal healing, Vivienne has a deep understanding and trust of the power of this qigong healing practice.  From this experience, she brings clarity and empowerment to her teaching. 

With sensitivity and open-heartedness, Vivienne has the ability to meet each student where they are.   She is supportive and encouraging and helps students to create the program that works for their particular needs. 

Vivienne brings her whole heart into her work.  She is a great teacher and will not disappoint." 

-- Sandy Shelton, Hospice Work

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