Healing from Lyme Disease....Again!

At the beginning of this year, 2018, I was bitten by a deer tick and I was re-infected with Lyme disease and a particularly nasty co-infection, Babesia. I got severe symptoms. A stiff neck. A constant headache as if a vice was squeezing my brain. Intense joint pain throughout body. 
Ten days later, I fell, damaging my left leg, breaking my left hip, and had surgery. A complete hip replacement. 
The inflammation from all these conditions was off the charts. I was on morphine in the hospital and it didn't touch it. I have talked openly about the hip replacement, but I only told a handful of people about being re-infected by Lyme disease. 
I advise those I work with not to talk about whatever is their diagnosis. I understand the natural impulse -- to be understood, to explain why we can't fully participate in life, to elicit sympathy and support. Being sick is really challenging, especially when it's chronic. However, the downside of talking about our disease is considerable. 
When we repeatedly reiterate our symptoms and/or how awful we feel, we are literally programming ourselves. Our words (and our thoughts) act as information which structures our whole field, creating blockages in the flow of energy. Our emotions and our physical body respond to those contractions, resulting in stress to the system and eventually causing disease. 
I'm talking freely now about the re-infection because I no longer have Lyme or Babesia. 
I did not do antibiotics. (This was a personal choice. There is no one-size fits all.) I took some herbal tinctures recommended by master herbalist Stephen Buehner. And of course, I amped up my practice of qigong. And I watched, like a hawk, what I was doing with my mind. I did not identify myself as "someone with Lyme" even to myself. (It helped enormously not to talk about it.) I just stayed with the sensations (intense as they were!) without attaching a story to them.....at least most of the time. (I'm definitely not perfect!) 
Following my commitment to do more qigong, I began offering more online classes and workshops. During this time, the seed got planted of a plan to offer an in-depth online course. 
For nearly three months, I've been nurturing this idea, and today I am ready to announce it. This Summer I will teach a month-long course called "Healing Lyme Disease and Other Chronic Illness Together". (See under Teaching for more information.)
I feel so grateful to have been introduced to the powerful modality of qigong and to be free of Lyme disease -- for a second time! 
I won't lie, I felt fear when I found out I was re-infected. Memories of twenty years of suffering from the first time round came roaring back to mind. Then I calmed down. What an opportunity to use this challenge to heal with others, TOGETHER. When I discovered I'd already done so, I was almost disappointed! 
I believe that all that contemplating of the plan to collectively transform whatever ails us -- visualizing all of us taking the course healing together -- is what turned things around for me. 
That's my story, and I'm sticking to it!

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