I am offering three kinds of sessions. 




2.   QIGONG COACHING SESSION, Guidance and Consultation


3.  QIGONG HEALING SESSION, "Connecting to Source"/Energy Healing


All sessions are offered in person or online or on the phone.    We can combine sessions.


You have everything that you need to heal on all levels of your being. 

Our work together is uncovering the wholeness that lies within.


The format for the Coaching Sessions is as follows:


I ask you what you want to work on, what issues are up for you.  I then open to the universe, going beyond time and space, to tap into the qifield of infinite potential to get guidance.  And I offer what I receive and we discuss what would be the most beneficial ways for you to proceed.


The format for the Healing Sessions/Connecting to Source is as follows:


We begin by identifying your heart's intention -- what is it you are choosing for yourself in your life now?  Then you lie down comfortably and relax.   Letting go of all efforting.  Softening and opening.


As I work, I talk out loud so that you can follow along.


My role is to help you to connect with Source and harmonize all dimensions of your being, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.  When your energy body is at one with the creative energy of the universe, you are resting in your true nature.   You are open, empty, luminous Presence.  The information that is holding old conditioning (disease, pain, emotional distress, etc) can naturally release and the inherent wholeness reveals itself.  


In this place of pure potential, you experience yourself as  deep peace and causeless  inner joy.   And you know your essential self  as pure love.



All sessions are an hour long.    $125 

(If you need a sliding scale:  $75 - $125) 





After spending two weeks with Vivienne at a Wisdom Healing Qigong (WHQ) healing intensive retreat this past spring, I now turn to this masterful teacher for coaching.  I have been dealing with several physical and emotional health challenges for many years.

I'm excited to already be experiencing improvements.   I am very grateful to Vivienne for her contribution to these changes.   Exuding vitality and joy, Vivienne is a wise, clear, compassionate, warm and funny teacher.  Her healing story and confidence in the possibility of self-healing through WHQ inspires me to continue to deepen my own practice. 

- Mary Wentworth, therapist

"I'd been having intestinal problems and diarrhea for several weeks and my energy was very low.I'd been thinking I'd have to cancel going to a weekend gathering that was really important to me.  I arrived at your house for the healing feeling lousy.  

I could feel the energy shift almost immediately.  Within a couple of hours it had changed completely. No more diarrhea. 

I went to the weekend gathering, was on my feet the entire time, worked nonstop and felt great.

You did a miracle healing on me!   Totally healed.  

I attribute this to your work.  Thank you very much."

-- Penny Van Dyke, Permaculturist


"I wish I could go to sleep like that every night.

It was wonderful! I drifted off to sleep feeling so alive, filled with light from the eternal source.  I awoke feeling so light and alive and filled with peace. I never woke up in the night at all. Beautiful!  I felt cocooned by unconditional love.

Vivi's voice is soothing and clear and magical. Even over the phone I could feel her love and compassion surround me as she set the Qi field, making it easy to drop right into an amazing peaceful relaxed state.  It is in this peaceful state of consciousness  where deep healing begins. Even now, three days later I am still feeling the connection to universal light and love.

I soooo love what you do Vivi!  It is incredibly healing and stays with me. We have to get a recording to sell. I would sell this on the streets it is sooo good.   

Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

-- Kappy Strathan, weaver, healer


"I'm selling my home of 30 years and I have been experiencing severe anxiety and major sleep problems.  Vivi's healing treatment was so soothing and reassuring.  It put me into a place of calmness and peacefulness, the like of which I've not experienced for a long time.  Afterwards I had a wonderful night's sleep and I woke up with far less anxiety and feeling deeply rested.  I am so grateful for this transformation."

-- Roxanne Livingston, therapist


"You took me to a place with your beautiful voice of such peacefulness and bliss, very hard to tell in words!  It has to be experienced! Thank you for your healing love!  What a blessing you are!  I am in a much better frame of mind for surgery tomorrow morning  than I would have been because  of you!   A bundle of love to you! THANK YOU! "

-- Mary Barror, craftswoman


"Your guided meditation was EXACTLY what my soul needed for healing! Thank you so much from the depths of my heart for your help. It was so powerful. All the pieces have been put together now. For a long time, this was exactly what I had been praying for.  My prayers were truly answered today with your loving guidance and wisdom taking me on the last leg of my healing journey."

--- Adrienne Murphy, MA CCC-SLP, author, yoga teacher

Vivienne's Newsletter

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