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For each, the first recording is audio only.

The second one is video.  




1 hr 15 min

Opening Meridians, Strengthening Physical Body

Longer, powerful Organizing the Qi Field

(“Was that amazing qi field setting recorded?!”)

Selection from Body Mind Practices

for both upper body and lower.

Comments:  "I had such unease when I came to practice;  now the light fills me Haola!”….

"Loving this and appreciating you so much”….”Such a deep and powerful practice."



1 hr 15 min

Focus on Grounding and Emotional Balance

Short practice of Squats and Awaken Vitality (about half an hour)

Sound Healing for Personal and Collective Transformation of Fear and Anxiety,

and strengthening the Physical Functioning of the organs.

Includes dissolving the organ systems into the vastness of infinite consciousness

and re-creating them as young and healthy.

Comments:  “Beautiful”….”just what I needed”….”loved the reconstructing the organs anew"



1 hr 15 min

Strengthening the Immune System of Humans and Planet

Guided Meditation:  Feeling ourselves as the formlessness that is fundamental to all existence.

Connecting with the formlessness in nature — the trees, the rivers, the mountains, the oceans.

Taking us all back to our natural state of wholeness. 

Practice: Focusing on the lower part of the body.  Concentrating on opening up the pelvis, the hips,

sacroiliac joints, knees, ankles, the joints of the toes, opening up the meridians in the lower part of the body.

Bringing us fully into embodiment, present, grounded, anchored in the Earth.

Completing with a practice unifying heaven and earth within us,

integrating all dimensions of being with us.

Comments:  “What a strengthening and grounding practice today.  There’s a beautiful sense of lightness throughout my Being”….

Sweet and perfect feeling of balance!....such gift!! a community of love”….

“it feels as if I have been waiting my entire life for these practices.”



1 hr 15 min

Healing Sexual Abuse

Guided Meditation bringing us to Embodied Presence

Consciousness aware of itself,

aware of all objects — thoughts, feelings, sensations, perceptions —

as itself, pure consciousness.

Recognizing all forms (duality), all formlessness (non-duality)

as consciousness, and so, all embraced,

even — especially — those parts of ourselves we’ve disliked and disowned.

Practice:  Focused on opening up pelvis, with a couple of practices from Body Mind in detail and in depth.

Opening hip and sacroiliac joints.  (Usually people can’t move the latter.)

Stretching and relaxing the ligaments of the joints to make qi abundant in the pelvis.

Sacred work for us individually and collectively.  Potentially transformative for those healing from sexual abuse. 

Comments:  “A very powerful practice”….”released a whole lot”….”feeling so different”…”wow!”…”most amazing”…

"I felt like the crown of my head opened up with a jolt and my whole body started sweating and shaking and I had to sit down and just shake at the end”.



1 hr 15 min

Strengthening the Immune System of self, all humanity and the planet

and Transforming the Autonomic Nervous System.

A good class for those concerned about the flu and Corona viruses.

Part 1 from Body Mind practice, an advanced form of Zhineng Qigong (WHQ)

Filling the whole body with qi at the level of skin, muscles, tendons, ligaments, blood vessels, bones and joints,

increasing vitality and strength and physical health. 

Meditation transforming the energy in the organ systems back to harmony, wholeness, full health.

Awakening dormant DNA’s potential to effortless deal with any challenges to health.

Comments:…”fabulous class”…."awesome class”….”I’m SO glad I attended this one.  I feel so immune-boosted!"




1 hr 15 min


Extending romantic love to infinite love.

Offering the love that knows no separation, no “otherness”

to those we don’t feel close to, including political figures.


Offering this love through fachi (open/close) to China and all beings,

transforming fear back to its natural state of love.

A deep meditation which continued through warms ups,

including a long bouncing of the knees, vibrating the whole body,

and standing practices of hip rotations and bending spine.

Receiving the love on our deepest dimensions that we’d sent out.

The giver always the receiver too. 


Includes the Qi Field Song by Dr. Pang, founder/creator of Zhineng Qigong.

Sung in Chinese with a full description of the meaning of each line in English.

A powerful way of organizing the Qi Field. 


“So loving.”  “Wonderful.  Wonderful.”  “What an inspired practice…so meaningful.”





1 hr 15 min

Meditation:  “Reactivity and Experiencing the Methods to Transform it.”

Detailed slow squats, building to squeeze squats

with visualization and breath.

Long hip rotations sculpturing the body out of the field of light,

organs, skeleton, tissues emerging as condensed energy.

Lachi (open/close) on whole new body.



"Wow, powerful practice with huge release in pelvis from very stuck trauma from childhood. Loved the rebirth visualization."

“This is so good for me, for us, thank you!”  “Deep transformation of generational darkness.”  “Perfect.  Thank you!"





1 hr 15 min

SURRENDER (not a doing, an undoing!)

“Our essential nature of pure Awareness is utterly surrendered to all experience.”  — Rupert Spira

Letting go of the stress of struggling and pushing

and relaxing back into Presence.


A slow deep practice of Awaken Vitality

(Spinal Bone Marrow, Hip Rotations, Crane’s Neck, Bending Spine and Chen Chi)



1 hr 15 min


Meditation bringing us into Pure Presence.

Prostrations with Awaken Vitality Practices

and Squeeze Squats with Visualizations and Breath,

with theme of knowing ourselves as love

and being a beacon of love in the world.



1 hr 15 min

Prostrations with Awaken Vitality Practices Audio


Prostrations with Awaken Vitality Practices Youtube

Prostrations with Awaken Vitality Practices

and Squeeze Squats with Visualizations and Breath,

including how to do the latter lying down (without the squatting!)



55 min

Talk/mediation:  Epigenetics and the Coronavirus

How to think about healing the fear of infection globally following by practice in doing so.


Organizing the qi field with the Qi Field Song

Short/half an hour of movement practices:

Spiral Bone Marrow practice to strengthen immune system and calm nervous system.

Hip Rotations spiraling the Source energy activated inside out to all life on Earth.

Crane’s Neck and Bending Spine, experiencing ourselves as both individual, embodied Source energy and as the Ocean of One consciousness. 

Comments:  “so wonderful to go to source of problems and feel we can make a difference."




50 min

Warm ups sitting.  Good practices to do when sitting for a long time.





2 hr

The Coronavirus as Opportunity for Mass Awakening of Humanity

45 minute meditation

Practices from Body Mind

Comments:  "Definitely best practice ever”….”that was off the charts amazing”…..

“wow, wow, wow”....”This is a must-see in this climate of uncertainty and fear.  The meditation and the practice helped deal with my fear, and were so powerful, I experienced an instantaneous healing on a 3-week sore throat.”




2 hr

Grounding, Staying Centered and Steady

No Matter how hard the Winds of Change Blow!

Part 2 of Body Mind Practice.

Focus on Lower Half of Body and Legs and Feet and Toes.

Connecting with and Anchoring into the Planetary Web of Life,

Guided Meditation:  Within framework of Organizing the Qi Field,

going deep into connecting to the life force within all the forms of life on Earth we love,

knowing ourselves as intrinsically part of, belonging to the web of life.

Squats to open up joints in lower spine.

Followed by a number of Body Mind postures and practices focused on lower body.

Opening up hip joints and sacroiliac joints, knee, ankle and toe joints.

Comments:  “Wow - that was awesome!”…. “I feel so strong now”…..

“What a powerful practice….



2 hr

The Power of the Mind to dissolve Separation

Talk/meditation about how being in the infinite openness of the  qigong state

we naturally dissolve the limitations of the belief in separation.

This results in the body and emotions come back to their natural state of wholeness.

A description of remarkable and deeply moving experience I had with sound healing, connecting to the natural world

in a very real way, that underscored the deep connectivity we have with nature. 

A slow deep practice of Awaken Vitality (including a powerful lachi) as the Universal Human Being,

reconnecting to the planet and all life forms. 




2 hr


Activating Merciful Love

Includes a writing practice from Elizabeth Gilbert, (“Eat, Pray, Love)

“What is it you long to hear?”

(example:  I love you unconditionally.  No more struggling. 

No more jumping through hoops trying to a good girl, trying to be perfect.

I love you the way you are.  No need to change a thing. 

I love you when you’re afraid, angry, mean spirited…I’m right here.  Always.  Forever.  Loving you.)

With this information activated, we do the Awaken Vitality Practice.




A Package with Links








Suitable for Beginners

and Experienced Qigong Practitioners


Two Introductory Talks

Four 3-hour Sessions,

each including

A Talk, Practices, Guided Meditation and Questions

Three Coaching Session,


Practice, Questions and Discussion


Sliding Scale: $50-150

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FEEDBACK from Course Participants

Your visualization make it easier/possible

to access subtle, invisible energy.

I am so very grateful for the opening your teachings offer,

helping to deepen my understanding of energy and of oneness,

and what it is to be in a “qigong state”.

I have stronger feelings of relaxation in my body, particularly in the neck and spine.

I feel lighter, safer and more peaceful. 

I can more easily go inward

and expand and gather energy,

and access/see/feel the energy in my body.

I am more able to sense/see the light in and around me and feel the oneness in everything.

- Cynthia 

The course healed my grateful!

I've gained weight effortlessly. 

Some months ago I lost weight.

I’m so happy to gain it back.

I see a marked difference in some inner ear stuff...

so, so much better and almost all gone.

I’m feeling very grounded and alive feeling connected to the whole.

You are such a wonderful teacher and leader --

clear, fun, lighthearted yet conscious, and super easy to follow.

- Julie

The course was such a blessing.

I am feeling so much better.

Thank you so so much for your loving leadership and your clear and powerful teachings.

Love your playfulness, humility and wisdom.

I’m eager to have Qigong be part of my life for the rest of my days.

- Lena

The places where you guide us are places my heart and being has wanted to be open.

Thank you from the depth of my heart and the soles of my feet.

I bow to you, to the qifield in gratitude.

- Chris K

I have been sleeping better and the tremor in my right hand is so much better.

- Annie S

A spectacular class!

You truly are a master articulator, always done with so much love. 

- Andrea H

To SLOW WAY DOWN is so un-American and so essential.

Your teaching brings me home in the deepest way.

What a gift!

- Alma B, 80 years old

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