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Suitable for Beginners

and Experienced Qigong Practitioners


Two Introductory Talks

Four 3-hour Sessions,

each including

A Talk, Practices, Guided Meditation and Questions

Three Coaching Session,


Practice, Questions and Discussion


Sliding Scale: $50 - $250

(50% of all proceeds go The Scholarship Fund,

for people with limited income to attend retreats

at the Chi Center, New Mexico.)

Please send me an email letting me know you wish to buy the package and which email address to use to send the link.

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FEEDBACK about this Course from Participants:

Your visualization make it easier/possible

to access subtle, invisible energy.

I am so very grateful for the opening your teachings offer,

helping to deepen my understanding of energy and of oneness,

and what it is to be in a “qigong state”.

I have stronger feelings of relaxation in my body, particularly in the neck and spine. 

I feel lighter, safer and more peaceful.  

I can more easily go inward

and expand and gather energy,

and access/see/feel the energy in my body.

I am more able to sense/see the light in and around me and feel the oneness in everything.

- Cynthia  

The course healed my grateful! 

I've gained weight effortlessly.  

Some months ago I lost weight. 

I’m so happy to gain it back.

I see a marked difference in some inner ear stuff...

so, so much better and almost all gone.

I’m feeling very grounded and alive feeling connected to the whole.

You are such a wonderful teacher and leader --

clear, fun, lighthearted yet conscious, and super easy to follow.

- Julie

The course was such a blessing. 

I am feeling so much better. 

Thank you so so much for your loving leadership and your clear and powerful teachings. 

Love your playfulness, humility and wisdom.

I’m eager to have Qigong be part of my life for the rest of my days.

- Lena

The places where you guide us are places my heart and being has wanted to be open.

Thank you from the depth of my heart and the soles of my feet.

I bow to you, to the qifield in gratitude.

- Chris K

I have been sleeping better and the tremor in my right hand is so much better.

- Annie S

A spectacular class! 

You truly are a master articulator, always done with so much love.  

- Andrea H

To SLOW WAY DOWN is so un-American and so essential.

Your teaching brings me home in the deepest way.

What a gift!

- Alma B, 80 years old


Free Recordings



Using Sound to Harmonize the Emotions

Sound Healing for the Emotions is a very powerful advanced practice of qigong.  We make certain sounds that vibrate the energy in the human organs, harmonizing the emotions associated with those organs by changing the frequency.  Closed heartedness opens up into joy and love.  Fear transforms into healthy alertness and lovingkindness.  Worrying dissolves into equanimity and groundedness.  Anger becomes courage.  Grief relaxes into compassion.

Normally in this practice, we focus our intention on our own individual organs, with the understanding that because there is no energetic separation between us, our personal practice affects the whole.  However, in this recording, we set our intention explicitly to contribute to awaken the heart of the human family (of course, you will benefit individually as well).

Lie down (or sit) and follow my voice which leads you into relaxation, opening to the qi field, setting our intention to contribute to the healing of humanity and doing the Organ Sound Healing practice together.

Healing Humanity Practice (Vivi SH practice 90716.mp3, 52 minutes)



A  Guided Meditation

Two versions.

1.  The Full Session.  Hun Yuan Ling Tong for 2 minutes, followed by a short talk about the national crisis we face and the powerful response of the people.  Example of Standing Rock as a model of the new paradigm.  Resistence and prayer.  Dedication of practice to indigeneous peoples of world and to the opening of the hearts and minds of those who sleep in ignorance.  Reading of two of the Radiance Sutras, followed by the 50 minute Guided Meditation.  (one hour)

2. The Guided Meditation only.  (50 minutes)

Recordings for Purchase

Healthy Bones: Awaken Vitality - Part 1

56 Minutes: $8

Talk, Organizing the Qi Field, Squats, Spinal Bone Marrow...

all with an emphasis on creating dense, strong, healthy bones.

Healthy Bones: Awaken Vitality - Part 2

35 Minutes: $5

Hip Rotations, Crane's Neck, Bending Spine and Chen Chi...

all with an emphasis on dense, strong, healthy bones.

Healthy Bone Meditation with Happy Child

63 Minutes: $10

A deeply relaxing meditation, best done lying down.

The effects of trauma, shock and fear cover over the essence of who we are.

This meditation awakens the natural child-like innocence and joy in life that is innately ours.

Healthy Bone Meditation with Sound Healing

46 Minutes: $9.00

Vivienne guides you through chanting sounds to vibrate the internal organs. Three sounds for each of the five organ systems.

This practice effects the emotional conditioning of the body.

- Closed-heartedness transforms into the experience of joy and love.

- Fear transforms into the experience of creativity.

- Anxiety transforms into the experience of equanimity and confidence.

- Anger transforms into the experience of courage.

- Grief transforms into the experience of compassion.

No therapy! No going into the stories! A powerful yet gentle way of harmonizing all the emotions.


Organizing the Qi Field: Connecting with the Source of all existence

20 minutes: $6.00

(Can be done standing, sitting or lying down.  I use it in bed first thing before I get up!)

A practice that harmonizes our energy with the Universe and all life.

Opening ourselves up to the infinitely healing qi field....the formless, invisible energy all around us and inside us....deeply  relaxing the whole body......expanding our energy body down into the unconditionally loving qi of Mother Earth beneath us....bringing up that warm qi into each part of our body.....expanding our energy body up into the boundless field of pure potential above us.....expanding our energy body into the ocean of life force all around us.....gathering in the energy of Source inside us.....all dimensions integrating into one harmonious whole.  Feeling the holiness of the essence of who you are.  Feeling the love that you are.

Click on this link to buy:


Hip Rotations.

28 minutes: $6.00

(Can be done standing or lying down and visualizing.)

Bringing the pure creative Source energy of the Universe into the kidney system.

Spiralling the pure creative light of the universe through each kidney, each adrenal,  revitalizing the life force and regenerative capacity of all the cells in the body.....dissolving the fear, individual and collective into harmony, into healthy alertness and loving kindness....light beings joining us....our ancestors, the awakened ones....supporting the melting away of all fear, shock and trauma on the planet....rocking tailbone back and forth....rocking the organs of the digestive system....caring and appreciating these amazing organs that practice inner alchemy....transforming food into subtle energy....nourishing every cell in the entire body....gathering the infinite love of the universe into dantien, the center of our physical body.

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Sound Healing.

33 minutes: $8.00

(Can be done sitting or lying down.)

In Sound Healing we focus on the five organ systems of Traditional Chinese Medicine. 

A 33 minute chanting practice that vibrates the energy in the organs, harmonizing our emotions.  Through the practice, negative emotions (closed-heartedness, depression, hatred, fear, worry, anxiety, anger and grief) are transformed into positive emotions (love, joy, tenderness, kindness, equanimity, roundedness, courage, purposefulness and compassion)

This is an advanced and very effective practice, enabling us to meet the challenges of life with wisdom and grace and to remain happy no matter what our life circumstances.

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Healing Session: The Redwood Tree Transmission

65 minutes: $9.00

(Best done lying down.)

Begins with resting each part of the body into deep relaxation.

Featuring a transmission from a redwood tree, rooting you into the life force of the planet, and opening you up to all the potential of the infinite universe.   

Going through each organ system, transforming any energy of disharmony back to its natural, unconditioned state, creating health and peace throughout the body.

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Healing Session: DNA and all cells

18 minutes: $6.00

(Best done lying down.)

Begins with resting each part of the body into deep relaxation and Organizing the Qi Field.

Working with one cell, holographically representing all the cells, healing the all the DNA in the body.

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Spinal Bone Marrow (SBM)

55 minutes: $9.00

(Standing.  Can be done sitting on edge of seat.)

Begins with relaxing the body and Organizing the Qi Field.

Focuses on sections of the spine, going deep into the joints between the vertebrae, into the bones, into the bone marrow, into the spinal cord, into the whole nervous system.  Blocked energy dissolving in the whole spine.

Then whole body opening and receiving the pure, creative energy of the universe, melting contracted energy back into free flowing qi.   Ending with transforming the DNA into a new healthy configuration.  
Lots of visualizations to keep us focused!

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Hip Rotations, Chen Chi and Lachi

58 minutes: $9.00

Begins with relaxing the body and Organizing the Qi Field.

Hip Rotations:  Tail bone leading a galaxy of stars around the kidneys and into each kidney, each adrenal gland, dissolving the old conditioning, transforming the energy back to vital health.

Chen Chi:  Connecting the energy of your heart radiating down arms, through hands and into the Earth, down to the center, the heart of the planet.  Then drawing up the abundance of life force beneath up into hands, up arms and into the heart.

Lachi:   Opening hands out to the infinite energy of the quantum field and gathering in the unconditioned energy inside.

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Preliminary Practices

Guides you through all five preliminary practices:

Squats, Spinal Bone Marrow (SMB), Hip Rotations, Crane’s Neck, Bending Spine, Chen Chi and Lachi.

Three Lengths:

65 minutes: $9.00

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42 minutes: $8.00

Click on this link to buy:

37 minutes: $7.00

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Vivienne's Newsletter

Newsletters are sent once a month with a schedule of classes and free Healing Humanity sessions by conference call. Also includes a short piece on energy.