About Vivienne

After a conventional upbringing in England, (although she did work for the Beatles at Apple Records!) Vivienne came to the San Francisco Bay Area at age 27 and became an instant activist. 

She produced five documentary films about the nuclear arms race and peace, which won a total of 25 film awards, including an Academy Award. 

Vivienne testified in the Senate on Star Wars (the weapon system, not the movie!), gave presentations in the British Parliament, the U.N., at the Reagan/Gorbechev Summit in Reykjavik and at international symposiums, eg.  the Presbyterian Women’s Congress (6000 attended) and the National Convention of the Junior League (2000), at university commencements, etc.

She co-founded two non-profit organizations, and she has won many awards for her work, including an Honorary Ph.D. (Ball State University)

Since coming to the States, Vivienne has trained in Shamanism and she taught Shamanic Journey work.

In the 1990s Vivienne’s health deteriorated and in 2000 she was diagnosed with chronic Lyme disease.  By 2005 she could no longer work.

In 2008, Vivienne was introduced to Wisdom Healing Qigong (WHQ) and studied with Master Mingtong Gu.   At first, she was so weak, she couldn't stand up to do the practices.  So she lay down and did the visualizations.  Within weeks, she noticed a difference.  More energy.  And she felt better.  She realized that anyone can adopt these teachings and  learn these practices.  You start where you are.  What it takes to heal is commitment to the practice.  With practice, the trust grows.

Within months of practicing WHQ, Vivienne's  symptoms of Lyme disease vanished. 

Vivienne is now a Certified Teacher of WHQ.   Since 2009 she has taken the role of assisting Mingtong at his Intensive Healing Retreats at the new Center in New Mexico.   Twice, she has travelled to China to study and practice WHQ.

Since getting her life back and so much more, Vivienne’s passion is sharing the great gift of Wisdom Healing Qigong.  She believes the physical healing she has experienced and the inner joy regardless of life’s circumstances are bi-products of the ultimate path of this amazing technology -- which is waking up to the fullness and magnificence of what we truly are -- beings of infinite possibilities and infinite love, who can co-create with the universe a healthy, caring world that works for everyone.

Update:  In January 2018, Vivienne was bitten by a deer tick and was again infected with Lyme disase and the co-infection, Babesia.   After increasing her practice of Qigong, by April 2018,  she was again free of both infections.  


Vivienne's Newsletter

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